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With Donna Fargo, Emerald A.
John Abbott & Ricci Mareno, Sessions
Drums at Studio C
The Kendalls at Synchro Sound
With Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright
Rack 1 at Studio C.
With Ferlin Husky
Full Control Room, Emerald A
Bob Gowan at Westside Sound
With Jim Williamson & Marcie Ricci
Cowriting with Johnny Barnes
Fun with Pro Tools
With Amanda Pollard at Studio C.
With Never Say Never at Emerald A.
With Saint Jezebel at Westside Sound
With Bobby Bare at Emerald A
Hank Thompson & Crew, Synchro Sound
Los Dudes in the studio.
Dennis and Rod of Saint Jezebel
Bob Gowan at Westside Sound
Westside Sound
Jennifer Anderson at Sound Emporium
With Dennis Mareno
With Marcie Ricci
With John Abbott at Sessions Studio
Fun with Fostex
Jennifer Anderson @ Sound Emporium
Sound Rehearsal 1991
With The Jordanaires, Synchro Sound
The Kendalls and crew
Emerald A with the SSL
With Jeannie C. Riley
Old demo room, 1018 16th Avenue S.
With Del Reeves
Ernie Ashworth and crew.
With Lacy J. Dalton
With Don Gibson
More fun with Fostex.
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